The Average Person Will Spend $448 Drunk Shopping This Year

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Americans have spent about $30.43 BILLION on spontaneous boozed-up purchases, which comes out to about $447.57 per person. This is about twice as much drunk Americans spent last year!

About 60.83% of tipsy shoppers are likely to spend money on food. The next most common purchases are shoes and clothes (25.09%) and gambling (24.91%). Others admit to buying concert tickets and even prostitution!

Here are some breakdowns of how much people spend on alcohol.

  • An estimated 148 million of us drink and average 7 alcoholic beverages weekly. That comes out to $5.4 billion a week!
  • Men are TWICE as likely as women to consume beer, with an estimated 53.4% of men enjoying a beer and 26.48% of woman who pick up a beer weekly.
  • Lastly, wine is a woman’s drink of choice, with 37.54% of the lady’s enjoying an average 2 glasses a week.

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