Employee Sprays Champagne All Over Boss’s Office, Quits Work

This guy seems to have it all figured out.

Haha, JUST KIDDING.  Francesco Pellegrino seems like an idiot.  Who on earth would risk their employability with a stunt like this?  Also, what kind of “I quit” soundtrack is that? 



From The New York Post:

An irate sell-side analyst appears to have chosen a memorable way to resign — by uncorking a champagne bottle and spraying it around his boss’ office and then pouring the bubbly on the floor around the rest of the office.

A video of the after-hours rampage was posted to an Instagram account belonging to Francesco Pellegrino, formerly of Sidoti & Co. 

“May the bridges I burn light the way,” he writes in a caption in the three-minute video, captured by a source’s smartphone. The camera then turns to show Pellegrino taking a swig of champagne from the bottle before spilling some over the front of his shirt.

Attempts to reach the analyst on Monday were not successful. His Instagram account on Monday was deactivated.

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