Here are some statistics on break ups or getting dumped

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Breaking up or getting dumped is something many of us will go through/have gone through in our lives.

So since it’s relevant due to how common it is- here are some studies/stats we found on it through various data bases!

  • The #1 indicator that he/she is about to dump you is when they’re avoiding you. More than 62% of people who were about to break up reported this on Yahoo.
  • Monday is the favorite day of the week for breakups- 27% prefer this day for a break up. Sunday is a close second with 21%.
  • 32% agreed that the worst way to break up is through an email sent to work. 27% say the worst way is through second hand delivery by a friend or family member.
  • 18% say the worst day to break up is on Valentine’s day. While most(23%) say the lowest you can get is by doing it on his/her birthday.

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So what can/what does one do when going through this sad point in life?

Well, here are some more stats for ya:

  • 76% say they immerse themselves in their work
  • 72% say they go online to checkout new dating partners
  • 50% go on vacation
  • 23% try to rewrite history and cut their former partner out of all their photos

How can we avoid breakups?

One thing you could do, that’s proven by a study by the University of Salt Lake City in Utah, is by communicating with your partner about the best and worst parts of your day.

Basically…COMMUNICATION YA’LL. It’s everything in relationships.

So good luck on your journey of beautiful, magical, love<3. 

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