Study: Working Too Hard Is Bad For Your Health And Career

Working too hard is bad for health? I’ve heard that one. But working too hard is bad for your CAREER? That’s a new one on me. Feel free to use that latter excuse on your boss today if you’re caught slacking. Tell me how it goes.

From The Cut:

“Using data collected from more than 50,000 subjects from 36 European countries (and all available industries), researchers analyzed the effects of overtime work and “work intensity,” or the relative amount of effort put into one’s job tasks, on measures of well-being (stress, fatigue, and job satisfaction) as well as career-related outcomes like job security, recognition, and career prospects, controlling for those factors that might mediate the results, like whether a job can be considered white-collar or blue-collar, and how much freedom an employee has to make their own schedule.

Researchers found that increased work intensity was associated with reduced well-being and inferior work outcomes, meaning your boss won’t even be particularly impressed — and that was true even in higher-level occupations, where trying hard might be expected to be even more readily rewarded. Their results suggest that the negative effects of working too hard (like stress, fatigue, and burnout) outweigh whatever might be gained by signaling one’s dedication to the company through that extra effort.”

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