Sex Robot Brothel In Houston


By 2020, Houston, along with 9 other cities, will have a sex robot brothel. The Houston location will have on-site feature and short term rentals. There is currently no regulation on sex robot brothels in the United States, making the rise of the brothels rapid. Experts have expressed to urgency for regulation and health studies on sex robots for the public. The brothels are leaving the public divisive on whether or not they should exist. The leader of The Campaign Against Sex Robots, Kathleen Richardson, says, “You’re probably thinking, ‘This is just a vibrator, and why don’t you launch a campaign against vibrators?’ ” While others have spoken in more favor of the brothels. Technology ethics professor Aimee van Wynsberghe currently leads the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and says that there are benefits to the brothels especially for the elderly. Wynsberghe said, “They don’t have the same kind of access as you or I. They can’t use Tinder, or go to the bar to pick someone up,” Currently, sex brothels can be found in Toronto with rentals costing $60 for half an hour with a bot.

What do you think? Should sex robot brothels exist?

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