Man Proposes With Tattoo Of His Cat On His Butt

Now THIS…is a wedding proposal. And I’m certainly glad she said “yes.”

Image credit: Inked

From Inked:

A man named Dustin Marshall decided to propose to his girlfriend Lindsey, and because she was expecting it, he decided to go for a very creative method of popping the question.

The pair share a tuxedo cat named Pinky, whom they both adore. So, Marshall decided to get a tattoo of their cat with the pun-y phrase “Will You Marry Meow?” tattooed on his right buttock.

Marshall had a plan to show off his bum in order to pop the question, as explained in an interview with LADbible:

“Down came my pants, everyone cheered and Lindsey, my fianc√© put her face right in there so she could read the question. This gave my friend Danny time to give me the ring he had stashed and I presented to her as she came up from reading my bum.”

And luckily for Marshall, his lady was thrilled by the tattoo and accepted his proposal.

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