Ale Or Lager? What You Pick Says A Lot About You

From One Poll on behalf of Founders Brewing Company:


Average salary: LAGER – $38,017, ALE – $41,318

Hours of exercise a wee:k LAGER – 4, ALE – 5

Personality traits: LAGER
Worried about future
More stressed
Loves meeting new people

Personality traits: ALE
More easily frustrated
More easily intimidated
Likes being the center of attention
Bigger flirt
Likes new challenges

Sports or arts? LAGER – Sports, ALE – Arts

Ideal weekend night? LAGER – Out with friends, ALE – Watching TV or reading a book

Cat or dog? LAGER – Dog, ALE – Cat

TV shows?
LAGER – Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Law & Order, How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead
ALE – Breaking Bad, True Blood, Parks & Recreation, The Bachelor

Movie genres?
LAGER – Action, Thriller, Adventure
ALE – Romance, Animation, Documentary

Image credit: One Poll/Founders Brewing



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