Fans think The Weeknd dissed Drake in his new song

The Weeknd dropped his new single ‘Lost in the Fire’ last night and fans have already started making connections between a lyric in the first verse of the song to rapper Drake.

“And I just want a baby with the right one/’Cause I could never be the one to hide one” is the lyric in question that is making people think it’s The Weeknd’s subtle way of throwing shade at how Drake was exposed by Pusha T last year for having a secret child. Drake was also rumored to have tried seeing Bella Hadid during her year apart with The Weeknd, which adds even more reason for him to be taking a shot at Drake in his song.

This isn’t the first time there’s been tension between the two due to their friendship allegedly being on the rocks after The Weeknd signed with Republic Records rather than Drake’s OVO Sound label, even though Drake has been famous for having a large hand in launching The Weeknd’s career.

Listen to The Weeknd’s new song ‘Lost in the Fire’ and see what you think: