WATCH: Cardi B’s hilarious attempt at watching ‘Bird Box’

Cardi B decided to join the bandwagon and watch the new Netflix film that left many viewers shook after its release.

She seemed to give up not even halfway through watching the movie as she took to social media to show her confusion and ask her followers plenty of questions she had about what was going on:

“I’m getting lost now,” Cardi says,”Where are they swimming to? I mean, why is she in a river? Like, where are they going?”

She continued by asking her fans to give her a summary because she was too confused to go on watching the movie, and honestly, we all probably reached her state of frustration at some point while watching ‘Bird Box’.

While she was also confused about why the people in the movie were killing themselves, Cardi weighed in with her own relatable and hilarious theory by saying they were all probably wanting to killing themselves because they had seen their bills. She’s probably right.