Hey It’s Rheen!

Hey ya’ll! I’m really excited to be interning here at 104.1 KRBE. This is something I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid and I can’t wait to give it my all! I currently go to University of Houston and I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

Here are 10 fun things to know about me!

  1. My favorite TV show is Charmed
  2. Favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid
  3. Go to food when I’m conflicted has to be Chipotle
  4. A movie I can watch all day is The Goonies
  5. My Family is from the Virgin Islands
  6. Me and Amy Winehouse share a birthday
  7. I am a only child
  8. Whataburger over In-An-Out… PERIOD.
  9. I’m currently trying to be a blogger on Instagram
  10. I am a Marvel Comics fanatic!

Here is Instagram if you want to check me out!

Instagram: @rheenpeter