Ariana Grande has pulled out of all Grammys appearances

Ariana Grande has decided not to perform at the Grammys this weekend following an altercation she had with producers about picking what she gets to sing, and to top it off she’s officially decided to not be in attendance for the award show altogether.

The decision comes after Ariana butted heads with the producers for wanting to perform her latest single ‘7 rings’ and them initially refusing, but then coming to a compromise that the song would be included in a medley instead of being fully performed, which Ariana ended up turning down as an offer.

Even though the singer is officially not going to be attending the award show this Sunday, she’s still nominated for two Grammys for best pop vocal performance and best pop vocal album.

It’s pretty obvious how dedicated Ariana is to getting the proper exposure for ‘7 rings’ since she’s just cancelled her appearance at the most notorious music award show because of it. Either way, we can all just keep watching her music video for ‘7 rings’ to make up for the iconic Grammys performance that could’ve been: