Ariana Grande’s new music video ends in a plot twist

As everyone probably already knows, Ariana Grande’s just dropped her much anticipated fifth studio album and it’s all the internet has been talking about all day. Earlier this month, Ariana revealed that her next single was going to be ‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’, which is the last track on the album. Along with the album last night she dropped the music video for the new single and the ending did not go in the direction that it seems like it’d be going in.

To sum it up, throughout the whole video it seems as if Ariana is pursuing a guy who’s in a relationship with a girl who could literally be an Ariana Grande clone, but the very last second turns out that the person Ariana was really trying to get with was the girlfriend in the relationship.

Some people are also interpreting the video as a showcase of self-love, since the girl Ariana wants looks exactly like her. Either way, the video ends in a win for the LGBTQ community and you can watch it for yourself below: