Jonas Brothers not so Cool vs spicy Chicken Wings

The Jonas Brothers are having a good year making the rounds promoting a new tour. They’re song Cool might be doing well but their mouths suffered some serious heat on the latest episode of Complex Media‘s First We Feast Hot Ones (my favorite Youtube show).

Under the influence of mind altering and tongue numbing spicy chicken wings, host and master interviewer Sean Evans enticed the Jonas Brothers to reveal that they had been in therapy together, that Joe Jonas does in fact can not remember the lyrics to the bands old songs so he shamelessly uses a stage prompter, Nick Jonas is the equivalent of one of the hot sauces on the table, all while nearly killing Kevin Jonas halfway through the gauntlet of pain.

I love the insight into guests on Hot Ones and the Jonas Brothers did not disappoint… unless you wanna bring up those tiny little bites. mmmhmmm. I can’t say i blame them though. I’ve had Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, and it is as disgusting as it is a never ending hellfire of hurt.

youtube @FirstWeFeast