‘Slofies’ ? Apple Iphone 11 is taking Selfies to a New Level!

(Image Source: KRBE.Com)

Apple Is Going to Try to Make “Slofies” . . . Slow-Motion Selfies. Apple is trying to popularize the “Slofie,” or slow-motion selfie, with a brand new iPhone camera feature. Basically, the new iPhones’ improved front-facing camera system is capable of taking slow-motion video at 120 fps (frames per second), resulting in great looking slow-motion videos of… your face.┬áThe news came during a special Apple event at the on Tuesday. This addition is one of many new camera features announced during the event. “JUST after Apple announced them, a tech writer named Casey Newton tweeted, quote, “Upgrading to iPhone 11 versus keeping your old phone is a real slofie’s choice.”

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(Story Source: Thrillist.com)