Woman Tattooed Her Eyeballs Went Blind For Three Weeks

From Newsweek:

A woman who tattooed her eyeballs said she has no regrets—even though it left her blind for three weeks.

Amber Luke, from Brisbane, Australia, told Barcroft TV the process of having the sclera of her eyeballs inked with a bright blue color was so painful it felt like shards of glass were being rubbed into her eyes.

But the 24-year-old model doesn’t mind pain as she has around 200 tattoos inked onto her body since she was 16.

Luke, who describes herself on Instagram as “Blues Eyes White Dragon” and an “infamous lunatic”, said she wants her entire body covered in tattoos by the time she turns 25.

Her eyeball tattooing procedure left her blind for three weeks because her tattoo artists went too deep into her eyeballs with the needle, she said.

Story source: Newsweek.