Mother/Son Dummies Allegedly Disguised $200 As TAMALES

Tarnishing the good name of one of our favorite Mexican foods is no way to go through life!


From ABC 13:

A mother and son from Houston are charged with money laundering after police say they tried to smuggle thousands of dollars across the border in an unusual fashion.

According to authorities, 54-year-old Lori Salazar and her 34-year-old son, Daniel, left Houston late Monday and were near the border when they were stopped south of Riviera.

During the stop, authorities say the mother and son were acting strange, and after searching their minivan, they found $211,000 disguised as tamales.

Authorities say they found more cash strapped to Lori’s body and are not sure where it all came from.

Story source: ABC 13.

Featured image credit: ABC 13.