Petition for UH robots to be more ‘Houston-like’

Think of all the reasons why someone would want to start a petition.

I’m willing to bet that starting a petition to have food delivery robots more “Houston-like” doesn’t even make the cut. Even if you’re a U of H Coog. But that hasn’t stopped one individual from doing just that. Because first world problem.

Image credit: Click 2 Houston

From Click 2 Houston:

Likely a student, going by the name Shasta Coog on, started a petition for the University of Houston’s new robots to be more representative of the city’s culture by being enhanced with elbows.

The petition states the starship only displays the innovative and foodie culture of Houston. The writer goes on to say “the way we could welcome these robots to their new home and make them true Houstonians would be to include them in our car culture as well…”

The student describes adding elbows as “one easy fix [that] would cement the delivery robots as a central part of the Houston culture…”

The petition has received 453 signatures so far, 47 away from its goal of 500.

Story source: Click 2 Houston.