Billionaire is giving away money to see if it makes people happy

The response to the headline seems quite obvious. Like, who wouldn’t like some extra money for a simple retweet?

But still, the social experiment continues, thanks to a billionaire in Japan, who plans on dropping some serious cash to see if money really does make people happier.


From Brobible:

Giving away cash on Twitter to gain a ton of followers in a very short period of time has been a popular trend over the past six months but is it really considered ‘growth hacking’ if you’re straight up paying people? Sure, you get a ton of engagement out of it but it’s not cheap to be giving away tens of thousands of dollars every week like some of these guys.

A Japanese billionaire is giving away the money on Twitter as a test to see if money actually makes people happy.

In total, he’ll be handing out $9 million to people on Twitter. That will be broken up into 1,000 followers each receiving $9,000 in cash from him. All people have to do to enter is retweet this tweet from December 31st that now has over 4.1 million retweets.

Story source: Brobible.