Kids who constantly end up at the principal’s office end up happier

Hard to believe, I know. But this story might have you secretly cheering for your kid the next time they end up at the principal’s office.


From Inc. Magazine:

It’s a call every parent dreads: your child has misbehaved in school and the principal’s office is phoning you to come in for a little chat. Now you have to go and discuss how to nudge your little rule breaker back onto the straight and narrow, worrying all the while that maybe their unruliness will lead to a life of legal trouble and unemployment.

If your kid is literally burning down the computer lab or continually brawling with other children, there may indeed be cause for concern. But if your child is just bad at following arbitrary rules or containing their boredom, then I have some good news for you.

A handful of studies actually suggest that a little rebelliousness as a kid is actually a great sign for your child’s future happiness and success.
Rebels end up happier…

The latest evidence along these lines comes from a new survey of more than 1,000 American office workers done by Office Depot and reported by Fast Company. This admittedly isn’t the most scientific study ever, but nonetheless a few surprising conclusions of the poll are worth noting.

Story source: Inc. Magazine.