You’re not socially awkward, you’re just spiritually Finnish

Some call me the king of awkward situations. It’s hard to disagree with that assessment. And if you’re like me, then there’s a term for people like us.


From Get Pocket:

If you find it awkward to make small talk, you may be “jingfen” (精芬) or “spiritually Finnish.” That’s the newly coined Chinese buzzword for a burgeoning identity taking hold among millennials.

The term “jingfen” is inspired by a comic from Finland called “Finnish Nightmares,” starring a cartoon figure named Matti who prefers minimal contact and avoids social situations. His creator Karoliina Korhonen describes Matti as “a stereotypical Finn who appreciates peace, quiet and personal space. Matti tries his best to do unto others as he wishes to be done unto him: to give space, be polite and not bother with unnecessary chit chat.”

Story source: Get Pocket.