The Ultimate Absolut Juice Girls Night Out Experience

Absolut Juice is the official brunch drink of the summer…which is why Roula, from The Roula & Ryan Show, is partnering with Absolut Juice to set up you and your three best friends with the “Absolut Experience” to end your summer!

Enter below for your chance to win “The Ultimate ABSOLUT JUICE Girls Night Out Experience”*, which includes the following accommodations*** for the winner and three guests:

  • Dinner on Saturday September 14, 2019
  • One-night suite accommodation at Hotel Alessandra on Saturday September 14, 2019
  • Spa treatment services at Hotel Alessandra for four guests on Saturday September 14 or Sunday September 15, 2019
  • Brunch on Sunday September 15, 2019

With only 99 calories per serving, no artificial flavors, and created with real fruit juice, Absolut Juice is sure to become your favorite, refreshing, go to summer drink.

Absolut Juice can be found at your local spirits retail store.

You can also keep listening for the keyword* to text to 37530 for another chance to win “The Ultimate ABSOLUT JUICE Girls Night Out Experience”.   


*Winner must be 21 and over.  All guests participating in the prize must be 21 and over.
**Standard data and text message rates may apply.
***Winner must agree to prize package and all taxes related to the prize (including but not limited to hotel incidental, service fees, gratuities, IRS taxes, etc)