Freddy Cruz

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Monday – Friday | Noon – 1pm
For one hour every weekday, Freddy will play your favorite hits.  At the end of the hour, he’ll take a “Big Bite” with a request for something you haven’t heard in a while, or something brand spankin’ new! Tweet your requests to @krbe, send via text to 37530, or call 713-390-KRBE (5723). You can also download the KRBE App and record your request and submit it to Freddy through the app.

Fork This with Freddy Cruz
Freddy Cruz loves to cook and he needs some new recipes!  He wants you to submit your favorite recipe  and he will make a video of himself preparing your meal, desert, or snack and post it on the KRBE website.  Click here to watch Freddy’s video of him preparing a delicious recipe.

He likes coffee…a LOT.  He also really likes bacon.  And he really, really likes Star Wars; but the story about tazing him because he tried to take the Yoda statue in the KRBE lobby is false.

Music, movies, history, and cooking are just a few of Freddy’s interests.  And trust us, he can go on for HOURS about all of them.

Freddy is married to his college sweetheart, who he stalked for 2 weeks in accounting class at UH before FINALLY talking to her.  They have 2 daughters & a dog (who he thinks understands English & will one day reveal all of his secrets).

Overall, he’s a nice guy.  Just don’t get him started about the zombie apocalypse.  No, really.  Don’t.