Special K

Howdy. I’m Kevin…and according to Roula & Ryan I’m also special!! I assume they gave me this name to denote my uniqueness but Ryan came up with it so I’m skeptical. My friends in TX call me “Limey”. That came from my days as a cadet in the Merchant Marines. (google it) Why do I have 3 aliases? Well I like to believe that I am like Diddy, constantly angering friends and fans about what to call me.

I’ve been sweating it out in Houston since ’97. I only left once, for a hot 365 days, while I co-hosted a night show in Virginia Beach. That was nifty. I’m originally from Wilmington, Delaware…a small city south of Philly. It’s cold there, but it tastes good: like cheese steaks!

On most weekends I spin (that means DJ with turntables for all you soccer moms reading). It’s probably the most fun, fulfilling job outside radio. I love to create a sound and atmosphere that just makes people wanna dance.

E-MAIL ME! TWEET ME! I love to hear your ideas for prank calling your friends or crazy stunts. I’ll do ANYTHING, except for Goldschläger!

Kevin & Kevin explore the music, trends, stories and other stuff you missed this week, along with not-safe-for-radio interviews, games and on-the-street shenanigans and lost audio recordings from our vault.

Every Friday, at 7:05 am, Special K prank calls an unsuspecting listener. Make sure you tune in and get ready to laugh your hearts out! Want Special K to prank call someone for you you?  E-mail him at specialk@104krbe.com.

Every Friday around 9am, Special K will get you ready for the weekend with a mix of all your favorite hit music.  Go ahead and send him your requests.