How drinking wine helps your brain

I suppose it’s cool that all these health benefits of wine are being discovered. But I’d rather these health benefits be attributed to pizza, donuts, and Girl Scout cookies.

But whatevs. Bottoms up!


From Inc. Magazine:

Now, another reason to tune in and perk up: Science is telling us about the benefits of drinking wine. The benefits center on our center — our brain and its health. And what’s good for the brain is good for our happiness, success, and longevity.

It all started in 2017, when Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd told NPR that tasting wine engages more of the brain than any other human behavior. Solving a tough math problem, listening to music, and trying to hit a curveball each stimulate the brain less than drinking a glass of wine.

Tasting wine triggers a complex series of interplays as air meets liquid. The tongue, jaw, throat and diaphragm, as well as taste and odor receptors all get involved to send signals to the brain that trigger serious cognitive work. Your brain gets involved in pattern recognition (“Have I tasted something like this before?”), memory, value judgment, emotion, and pleasure.

And with the brain, much like getting older, you’ve got to use it or lose it, so deeply engaging the brain is a good thing.

Story source: Inc. Magazine.