Pet parents will shower their fur babies with Valentine’s presents, too

Now THIS…is actual puppy love.


From Click 2 Houston:

· Nearly half of all dog owners agree that they would only be in a relationship with a dog person.

· One in five pet “parents” say they have stayed in a relationship longer than intended because of their partner’s dog.

· 72% of pet “parents” are likely to click on someone’s dating profile if there is a dog in the picture.

· 61% of dog people believe that being a pet “parent” impacts the health of their romantic relationship.

· Half of pet “parents” in relationships agree that they spend more time as a couple now that they have a dog.

· 71% of pet “parents” in relationships say they are more attracted to their partner after seeing how they care for their dog.

· 86% of dog people in a relationship agree that having a dog makes them feel more like a family.

Story source: Click 2 Houston.