Coronavirus Quick Hits

The recent Coronavirus has brought out the worst in people… and also the strangest. We have racked up the latest hits coming in with the Coronavirus. From strip club party favors to free toilet paper. With great risk come some rewards, like cheaper dines and new cocktails!

  • People are STILL clearing out toilet paper shelves for no reason.¬† An arcade in the U.K. filled a claw machine with toilet paper rolls instead of prizes.
  • A small chain of Chinese restaurants in California has been checking people’s temperature at the the door to ensure they are not infected.
  • With the biggest point and percentage drop since 2008, The Dow Jones lost more than 2,000 points yesterday, and closed down 7.79%.
  • A new study shows that it takes about 5 days before you start showing symptoms. Almost everyone shows signs by day 12. If you have high blood pressure, it may be deadlier.
  • The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, Ireland has been cancelled. Boston also cancelled its parade.
  • New York have considered shutting down the subway system to prevent the virus from spreading, however it has not happened yet.
  • France has put a temp ban on large gatherings. Also, anyone who visits Israel from overseas has to go through a 2 week quarantine.
  • Some strip clubs in Las Vegas and Tampa have been giving out face masks and hand sanitizer to their patrons.
  • There is a new drink called “Coronavirus Cocktail”. The cocktail is a blend of orange and lime flavors, and green in color. Like the virus, the drink is unpleasant aswell.
  • ¬†Lobster is really cheap right now.