The United States of Hunger Games, a map

Uncertain times like these can draw out the paranoia in all of us. I get it. But anyone who actually thinks America is headed the way of Panem from the Hunger Games needs to put away the tin foil hat and log off the Internet for the foreseeable future.

That being said…it’s still fun to play armchair quarterback, like @_glittertiff on Twitter.

She doesn’t explain how or why certain states got divided. Which is what makes this whole simulation unrealistic. C’mon, everyone knows that H-town would never let a President Snow-like tyrant separate one of the country’s most united cities. Also, Alaska and Hawaii don’t even make the cut. Maybe because they’re not a part of the continental United States? Or maybe because the government would need to dispatch its Peacekeepers in other hotbeds? Who knows!

Either way, it’s an interesting debate to have with your fellow Hunger Games fans. Speaking of one of my favorite series of all time, are you looking forward to the upcoming prequel based on the life of President Snow? I AM!