Signs a boss should fire an employee

The name of the original article is, “Should I fire this employee?”

And as with any headline that poses a question, I clicked to check it out. There’s some good stuff here, so think of this as a PSA. Plus, if you have a coworker that gives off a vibe you can’t quite figure out, then maybe they exhibit one or more of these flaws. Which means you should avoid them at all costs.


From Inc. Magazine:

1. They thrive on gossip.

2. They rush to lead the “meeting after the meeting.”

3. They believe they’ve paid their dues.

4. They complain about the company to clients.

5. They exaggerate accomplishments.

6. They’re quick to grab credit.

7. They purposely hold others back.

8. They show disrespect and arrogance.

9. They (subtly) threaten the boss.

Story source: Inc. Magazine.