Dogs’ heart rate increases when they hear the words “I love you”


I LOVE THIS. Even though MY dogs’ heart rate is more likely to increase when they hear the words “are you hungry?”

Image credit: KRBE

From Green Matters:

If you’re a dog owner, you already know that your dog understands you. But a new study, conducted by Canine Cottages, shows that dogs not only understand their humans, but also what the owners are saying; the study revealed that dogs’ heart rates increased, on average, by 46 percent when their owners said “I love you” to their furry family members.

For the experiment, the researchers at Canine Cottages strapped four doggos with heart rate-tracking collars to show how their heart rate changed during specific interactions; during the one-week period, the dogs had an average resting heart rate of 67 beats per minute (bpm). However, when their owners would say “I love you,” they would spike to an average of 98 bpm.

Story source: Green Matters.