H-town ranked among the top cities Americans are leaving

From Click 2 Houston:

According to Investing.com, Houston is one of the top cities where residents are moving from.

But, it’s not just Houston. Americans are leaving major U.S. cities at a rapid rate. The slowdown in population growth is accredited to shrinking industries and an increasing cost of living.

Houston ranked No. 8 on the list with a total population of 2,340,890 in 2020. The city’s annual growth rate is 0.33%.

The Lone Star State is known for its boom-and-bust economy made up of the Aerospace and energy sector. Despite its big business, Houston is marking slow growth compared to other Texas cities such as Austin and Dallas.

The uncertainty surrounding the oil and gas industry can be a big driver in population decline in Houston.

Portland, Ore., which is known for high tech and manufacturing, topped the list as the No. 1 place people are relocating from.

San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Chicago rounded out the top 5.

Story source: Click 2 Houston.

Featured image credit: KRBE.