Horror author Tyler Jones takes you on a ride to the dark side

Image credit: @tjoneswriter on Twitter

When the legendary author of Fight Club recommends a book, you get the book. That’s exactly what I did after hearing Chuck Palahniuk plug Criterium by Tyler Jones TWICE in the same interview.

After reading and loving it, I followed Tyler on the socials to keep up with anything else he’s releasing. He followed me back and I took a shot at messaging him so I could talk about his work. And he said “YES.”

And that’s how I ended up with episode one of my new podcast Book This with Freddy Cruz.

Criterium was so awesome, I bought a stack of copies and handed them out as gifts over the holidays. If you like a good ride to the dark side of horror, then you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Smash the play button below for a conversation that hits on everything from Carl Jung to the frightening concept of time.