They spent 40 days in a cave with no sunlight, no phones, and no clocks

I love a good digital detox as much as the next guy. But I draw the line at FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS in a cave with no phones, no sunlight, and no clocks.

That’s a nope for me. Like, ten thousand nopes. Nuh-uh. Hard pass.

This would be me after three days.


From Yahoo! News:

Fifteen volunteers have emerged from a cave in the southwest of France after spending 40 days without clocks, phones, or sunlight for a human isolation experiment.

The group of eight men and seven women lived in the Lombrives cave as part of a $1.4 million project called Deep Time, which set out to explore the limits of human adaptability to isolation. The project, led by the Human Adaption Institute, ended on Saturday after 40 days.

Social media footage from the day shows the smiling volunteers emerging from the cave to a round of applause while wearing special sunglasses to protect their eyes after so long in the dark.

Story source: Yahoo! News

Featured image credit: GIPHY