Tips for Keeping Pets Safe & Happy
On the Fourth of July

Photo courtesy of the Houston SPCA

The loud, booming sounds of fireworks on Independence Day can trigger a lot of stress in
pets who suffer from anxiety and even cause them to run away and become lost. Houston SPCA’s chief veterinarian Dr. Roberta Westbrook wants pet owners to avoid this tragedy with a few simple reminders.

  • Check the chip and ID tag for updated information. Now is the perfect time to ensure your pet’s microchip and ID tag information is accurate. Be sure you update your current phone number. The Houston SPCA reunites around 300 pets annually with an updated microchip.
  • It’s Hot! Your pet can’t have enough fresh drinking water and plenty of shade if you’re going to be outdoors for a little while. Also, keep alcohol, sunscreen and citronella candles away from canines and felines as they are toxic to pets.
  • Puppy Dog Eyes at the Grill and Table. Dogs know when they smell something good since they have more than 100 million scent receptors compared to our six million. Foods that can cause obstructions like chicken bones (especially small dogs) and corn on the cob can require costly surgical removal. Chocolate, avocado and alcohol can be toxic so keep an eye on the table.
  • Look Before You Pop. Be mindful of your pets when they are running near fire pits, sparklers and fireworks.
  • Keeping the Celebration at Home? You’ll want to include your pets in the festivities, but know your pet’s location. If your pet is nervous, they can slip out the door or a gate left open. Consider putting him or her in a kennel or quiet room until all the guests have arrived. If you plan on watching a fireworks display at an outdoor venue, consider keeping your pet safely inside at home.
  • Squirrel! Keep pets distracted during the fireworks. The best way to help anxious pets get through a night of fireworks is to distract them. Tire them out with active play or an early morning walk; turn your television or radio on low to help drown out the fireworks and offer special treats or food puzzles to help keep them busy.

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