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Freddy Cruz

Hi. I’m Freddy. I’m the voice you hear during the day, when you’re trying to focus at work.

I grew up in Houston and went to school at Klein Forest and University of Houston. My wife and I met in accounting class, which is the only good thing about having to take accounting.

I’m obsessed with food, coffee, running, and discovering new music and old books.

Favorite artists: Khalid, Maroon 5, K. Flay, Melanie Martinez, Linkin Park, Grandson, Enrique Iglesias, Pokey Lafarge and way too many others to mention.

Favorite authors: Chuck Palahniuk, Suzanne Collins, Ayn Rand, and Ryan Holiday.

When I need a good kick in the rear (which is often), I watch Jocko Willink and David Goggins.

Favorite spots to eat: State Fare, Bernie’s Burgers, Dish Society, and T. Jin.

Favorite coffee spots: Minuti, Siphon, Blacksmith, and First Cup.

One of my favorite things about being on the radio is getting the chance to hear your stories. Where are you and what you’re doing when you’re listening. Hosting KRBE’s community affairs show “Around H-town” is also very cool. It’s a constant reminder of how incredible our city is.

Outside of a three-year stint in Minneapolis, I’ve lived here all my life. About Minnesota, yes, it’s cold. Colder than you imagine. Don’t go in December. Or January. Or February. Or March. Maybe April, but it’s still pretty cold at that time. It was fun while it lasted and the people are great. Mall of America’s just like every other mall, but way bigger. Paisley Park’s cool, but don’t cheap out. Do the VIP tour. The Minnesota State Fair is pretty awesome, too.

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Join Freddy as he talks with authors of all genres, fiction and nonfiction. They talk about the craft of writing, creating stories, and their mutual love of books.

Freddy Cruz