T. Spoon Pickens


Why am I giving away all my money?

I’ve made my fortune as an oil Tycoon in Houston, but my long-time trusted accountant never filed my taxes, and now I owe BIG TIME on all my fracking oil. So I figured the only way I can keep myself out of jail is to give it all away…or at least the cash equivalent! And to be fracking honest, I’m also sick of wasting my fracking money on my spoiled daughter Olive…

I fracking HATE Dallas! So much that I bought a donkey JUST to name it Dallas…so I only want a TRUE Houstonian to get my oil so I gave 104.1 KRBE a list of questions that only someone who live in Houston could know.

Where have you been spending time in 2020?

I’ve spent most of my time on The Nauti Bouy (my 164 Foot Yacht) or at my Estate in Royal Oaks. One of my favorite ways to kill the time right now is taking flights on my Private Jet or cruising around on my Lambo!

Who are the special people in your life?

Well of course my huntin’ dog, Slick! But after that I’d have to say my ninth wife Unity…she’s the one who convinced me to NOT hide my assets in the Cayman Islands. She was former best friends with my daughter and a recent vocational school dropout for jewelry design.

OH! I can’t forget my 23-year-old daughter, Olive…named after my second favorite type of oil. Her full-time job is spending all my fracking money at the Galleria, River Oaks, Uptown Park or in Highland Village. Then she’ll be out all fracking night at a party or hitting up Washington Avenue or Midtown.