Tyler Frye

Tyler is born and raised from Chicago, he is also quite the traveler. He has lived and been on air in Tampa, Denver and Raleigh. You can usually find Tyler at a local Houston pub meeting new people and sharing some crazy stories.

Tyler is a fan of all kinds of music and has a crazy crush on Ellie Goulding who he is hoping to marry in the near future.

He has a passion for grilling, no matter what the weather is outside he’ll be grilling everything and anything. You can usually find him watching or playing any kind of sports. He was an extra in ‘Bring It On 4’ (spirit fingers).

If you find him on Tinder, swipe right. He’s a nice guy.

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Drinking Your Urine is the New Healthy Trend

Drinking Your Urine is the New Healthy Trend

Gif Source: GIFY  Apparently there is a new craze on Facebook explaining how people are starting to drink their own urine because they think it is healthy. They are set to believe that urine can cure diesases, heal your entire body, and give you more energy. Many may say this is a joke but oh…

Guy Took an Ambien and Proposed to His Girlfriend

Guy Took an Ambien and Proposed to His Girlfriend

Photo Source: Behind the Bliss A guy on Reddit proposed to his girlfriend but surprisingly he had no clue when he did. Source say that the guy popped multiple pills because he had trouble sleeping. In the middle of the night since he sells rings already on craigslist he proposed to his girlfriend and changed…