Pet of the Week

ID# 377639

Yeller is a seven-month-old Domestic Shorthair mix whose family had too many pets to care for properly. He’s a handsome young cat with a loving personality. He grew up living with his sister, and he’d probably enjoy having another cat friend to keep him company. Yeller is currently housed at the PetSmart in Richmond. To learn more about adopting him go to, or call 713-869-7722 for more information!

ID# 376282

Laura is a six-month-old Shepherd mix who was rescued by the Houston SPCA’s 24-hour rescue ambulance in October. She had scarring and old wounds down her side, but fortunately she’s healed very well. Once Laura was finished being treated for her puppy cough, she was ready to find a home! To learn how you can make this silly and sweet dog part of your family go to, and visit her at the Houston SPCA today!

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