Phoenix, or Ben Phoenix… oh wait is it Benjamin Phoenix? Well whatever you want to call him he grew up in Grimes county TX and moved to Houston at the age of 14. He went to the University of Houston and joined KRBE’s Roula and Ryan Show. Since then the man of too many names has worn a lot of hats in radio and entertainment, as a singer, performer, dj, on-air talent, emcee, and as a computer tech nerd junky with years of IT and web development experience. He’s best known for joining the Roula and Ryan Show as their technical producer where his technological ramblings of nerdyness nonsense graced the airwaves of the morning show for 6 years. He left KRBE to take care of his two young children and hit the Houston area as a club and events dj, which he does around town full time now. See him all over town, and hear him again on the KRBE airwaves.