Producer Eric

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Producer Eric

Here’s my chance to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Central Illinois in a small town called Marseilles. I was going to be a Farmer like my Dad and my Grandpa and his Great Grandpa. Then I realized I don’t like to work that hard. I always loved listening to the radio as a kid and I started working for our small town of 25,000 people in Ottawa, Illinois. That’s where I came up with the signature saying “You Get The Clap” that’s what we say on the Roula and Ryan Show. If you don’t know that story, email me and I’ll fill you in.

I went to Columbia College in Chicago and graduated with a BA. In 2000, I moved to Dallas to do a morning show. In 2003, I moved to Houston to work with Roula and Ryan. Along the way, I’ve worked at various radio stations in Chicago, LA and Dallas producing and consulting.

I love working with Roula and Ryan every morning. We have been friends for a long time and it’s so much fun to go to work knowing you are going to smile and laugh everyday.

The Roula and Ryan listeners are the heart of the show. You guys are what make the show work. You have supported us through good times and bad. I wish I could tell every one of you individually how much joy and happiness you have given me for almost 15 years. We live our lives on the radio and it’s an honor to have you care enough about us to listen. Thank you.

Thanks for taking time to read my bio. Keep on listening to the show. Hi-Ho!!