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City Shoutout

We want to send you and a friend to see some of the HOTTEST shows coming to Houston! Get tickets to see Usher at Toyota Center this November, Luke Combs coming to NRG stadium August 9th and 10th, Justin Timberlake at Toyota Center December 4th, PLUS a staycation that includes a two-night hotel stay. HERE’S…MORE

Trevor Noah to host the 2024 Grammy Awards

Trevor Noah to host the 2024 Grammy Awards

Embed from Getty Images During a podcast episode of “What Now?”, Trevor Noah announced that he would be hosting the 2024 Grammy Awards for the fourth year in a row. “I think it’s also important to acknowledge something. I’m hosting the Grammys” says Noah. “I’m excited about that, yeah, it’s a lot of fun. I enjoy…MORE


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